The 12 Best Potty Training Videos on YouTube

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At some point the books, the blogs, and the articles become too much. You’re in advice up to your eyeballs but you’re still a little shaky about the entire process. Maybe what you’ve been looking for is a visual guide to encourage you and your toddler on this journey. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of potty training videos to works as a guide for you pin down exactly what it is you need to successfully complete potty training you toddler.

Video #1: Princess Polly’s Potty

While the vast majority of potty training videos are targeted toward parents, this interactive video is aimed toward helping children transition into potty training.

This animated video engages toddlers by following Princess Polly’s transition to potty training. By encouraging toddler to help her pick out everything from a potty to “big girl underwear,” toddlers may wish to begin the potty training process as well. The fun graphics, easy to remember tips, and encouraging narrator will be a great start to get your toddler excited for potty training.

Video #2: Fast Potty Training

When you’re looking to speed up the potty training process this is the video you’ve been searching for.

This potty training video encourages parents to look out for signs of readiness in a toddler and find a quiet weekend to dedicate solely to potty training. When your toddler begins exhibiting the desire to be clean, body awareness, and the ability to use the bathroom independently, we would encourage you to look back on this video not only for advice, but for some parent to parent encouragement.

Video #3: By Parents for Parents

This animated potty training video is quick to remind parents that once a child exhibits all the signs of potty training readiness, the actual process will be easier than you think.

After using diapers for 100% of their lives, going on the potty will seem like a foreign action, no matter how ready your toddler seems. This video helps parents simplify the potty training process by waiting until your toddler exhibits signs of readiness and by normalizing the idea of going on the potty rather than in a diaper. Perhaps this is the video you need to finally take that leap of faith and start the potty training process for you toddler.

#4: Tom’s Toilet Triumph

Not only does this potty training video help children identify the need to use the bathroom, but it also explains the motions of sitting or standing (for boys), wiping, and hygiene.

What this video cleverly does is encourage toddlers to use the potty through the example set by parents and older siblings. Though this may not be the dynamic in your home, as this may be your first child, the importance of setting an example for your child is crucial to give him or her the desire to be more grown up. Additionally, while many potty training videos gloss over the topic of hygiene, this one is sure to state the importance of both wiping and washing your hands.

Video #5: Moms Training Boys

Sometimes the best advice to get is straight from the people who’ve experienced potty training boys, no matter whether they’re professionals or not.

Though this may not be the most cited source on the internet, what these women lack in medical credibility, they make up for in hands-on experience. Not only is this video simple to follow, but it allows nervous parents to hear from the recent experience of these women when it comes to potty training boys. These women touch upon the three-day potty training method, sitting versus standing, and the importance of setting by example when it comes to successfully potty training your child.

Video #6: Elmo Learns to Use the Potty

Nothing encourages toddlers to use the potty more than seeing their favorite TV characters doing the same. This potty training video features Sesame Street’s Elmo and focuses on how he learned to potty train.

What’s so exciting about this video is the element of music that Elmo’s father uses to prepare him to use the potty. This could be a helpful tip when it comes to potty training your own child. Once you start singing the song they’ll be encouraged to follow the steps and built the foundation for successful a potty training process.

Video #7: Training a Child with Autism

While the journey to potty train a toddler is unique with every case, this process becomes even more specialized when teaching a special needs child to use the potty.

This potty training video is quick to assure parents that potty training a child with autism may seem daunting, but when broken down into manageable steps, it’s simpler than it seems. The key to training a child with autism is consistency. If you take the diapers off, leave them off. If you plan to use a kiddy potty, don’t suddenly switch to an adult toilet.

The journey to train a child with autism hinges on your ability to continue teaching just as much as your toddler’s readiness to learn.

Video #8: Dad’s Potty Training a Daughter

This is not going to be an easy process for most toddler, and that’s why being able to laugh at yourself is so crucial. This potty training video is informative while also being positively hilarious.

Sometimes you don’t need the most informative, medically proven, doctor tested and approved video; you just need something that’s honest. This potty training video depicts the hilarious up and downs of this father’s emotions as he attempts to potty train his daughter. Spoiler alert, he’s eventually successful, but that doesn’t mean the process was simple. If anything, this is an entertaining video that will certainly encourage you to start the potty training process with your own child.

Video #9: Night Time Potty Training

Unlike most potty training videos on the list, this one focuses on teaching you toddler to use the potty at night. Easier said than done, but maybe these tips will help you get the process underway.

Once you’ve gotten over the hump of day time potty training, things may get even more complex (if you can believe it), but step by step you’ll be able to train your toddler to use the potty day and night. It’s important to take it one day at a time. If you toddler is still struggling with using the potty during the day, imagine how difficult it’ll be to add another level to the process. With patience and many loads of laundry, you’ll get this done!

Video #10: Hello Kitty Learns to Use the Potty

As with the “Elmo Learn to Use the Potty”, this potty training video centers around Hello Kitty learning the importance of going to the bathroom before playing and going to sleep.

What we loved about this video is that while it is extremely kid friendly, it explores the idea of toddlers putting off the need to use the toilet. While it may be hard for adults to grasp, when a child is enjoying themselves, something seemingly trivial like getting up to use the potty is not a good enough reason to leave the task at hand. Like Hello Kitty, perhaps your child will learn through a process of trial and error for them to fully understand the need to use the potty the second they have to “go”.

#11: More Nighttime Potty Training

The importance of night time potty training is knowing your limits. If your child has been relentlessly potty trained over the past few weeks and you haven’t gotten sleep in three months, maybe the best course of action is for everyone to take a breather and begin night time potty training in a little while.

Once your toddler’s diaper is dry for a night or two, then you should begin the process of nighttime potty training. Though this doesn’t mean the diaper will be dry every morning (fingers crossed it will), it’s the first sign that your toddler can hold their bladder during the night. A few things to remember when nighttime potty training is that while it will be tough, always having extra supplies on hand, like sheets and undies, to help you along the way.

Video #12: When to Potty Train

With all the stink (no pun intended) being made about how to potty train your toddler, why don’t we get back to the basics and determine once and for all, when it the correct time to start the potty training process with your toddler?

What this potty training video does is break down the signs you should expect in your toddler before you begin potty training them. This video is full of real-life examples and parental advice from a woman currently embarking on the potty training process. If you suspect your toddler is beginning to show signs of potty training readiness, know for sure by checking out this potty training video.

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