Month: October 2017

potty world to use when toilet training

Potty Words to Use When Toilet Training

Even before you start toilet training, you need to decide what potty words you will teach your child to use when talking about going to the bathroom.

There are no right or wrong words. But you must decide what potty words you will use with your child and make sure that everyone who takes care of your little one uses the same words, including family, babysitters, and even preschool teachers.

daycare potty training

7 Tips for Potty Training in Daycare

Potty training in daycare can be extra challenging. Not only is your child learning a new skill, but he’s learning it in different environments with different caregivers, routines, and structures. All that said, many children learn to use the potty at daycare and your child can too.

Below are some tips for success:

professional toilet trainers: good idea?

Professional Potty Trainers: Good Idea?

In 2008, a professional toilet trainer in Chicago made news by claiming she could train a child in as little as five hours. “TODAY’S” Al Roker confirmed that this professional toilet trainer had trained his child that quickly. Parents were skeptical. Some didn’t believe claims of fast training, and others didn’t think children should be toilet trained by strangers.

potty training technique

Is There a Right Way to Train? 4 Potty Training Techniques to Try with Your Toddler

There is no right or wrong way to potty train. Each child is unique and will respond to different methods in his own way. When deciding how to potty train, think about your child’s individual temperament and motivation levels as well as your own lifestyle and resources.

Below are 4 potty training techniques to try with your toddler: