4 Funny Potty Training Scenes on TV

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When your own attempts at potty training aren’t going so well, it can feel pretty isolating. You might start feeling like you’re the only parent who hasn’t mastered toilet training.

Fear not, dads: there are plenty of guys pulling their hair out over the same things you are. And if you ever need proof, all you need to do is turn on the TV!

There are many episodes from many different shows about parents and other characters struggling to make potty training happen. We’ve researched them all and collected the 4 funny potty training scenes from television.

Funny Potty Training Scene #1: Full House

Many of us grew up watching Full House, and its popularity remains high enough to warrant a Fuller House spinoff series on Netflix. For some good potty training laughs, though, you have to stick with the original!

In an episode called “Jingle Hell,” Danny takes on the task of trying to potty train Michelle. This is because she said “poo-poo” when looking at a toilet, so he figures she’s ready. He proceeds to use dolls to train her how to use the potty while the other guys lament that she’s growing up too quickly. It’s funny and bittersweet and will be instantly recognizable to any potty training dads out there.

Funny Potty Training Scene #2: Supernanny

One show that seemed to understand how difficult potty training can be was Supernanny. In fact, they spent two episodes trying to teach different kids how to use the toilet!

In “The Van Acker Family,” Supernanny Jo visits a family whose three-year-old son is refusing to be potty trained. It’s easy to laugh at the funny scenes of him screaming for a diaper (and screaming at his parents), but it can also seem all too real for a potty training parent.

This happened again with another kid in the episode “The Evans Family.” In it, a widower is raising three kids and the youngest is refusing to be potty trained. We see scenes of him clashing with his father about everything from the potty to the food he eats, and while it is a funny potty training scene (in a commiserating way), there’s something very humanizing about the man trying to raise his children alone after the death of his wife.

Funny Potty Training Scene #3: Yes, Dear

Obviously, there are many different schools of thought when it comes to potty training. On the show Yes Dear, they make fun of this pretty thoroughly in an episode called “Who’s On First.”

Much of the humor revolves around how one family (Jimmy and Christine) have been potty training their kid with a method that involves letting them pee outside when they need to. Another family is revolted and wants to potty train their kid in a less embarrassing way, but when they fail to get results, the father trains their kid using the other family’s technique.

It’s a funny episode all the way across, ranging from one couple judging how another couple acts to the dad having to sneak around his wife in order to get something done.

Funny Potty Training Scene #4: Good Luck Charlie

When potty training is going wrong, it sometimes feels like your whole world is falling apart. And in the Good Luck Charlie episode “Let’s Potty,” they show us exactly what that feels like.

In this funny potty training scene, the character Amy is dead set on potty training Charlie so that he can get into a really nice preschool. To make this happen, she is forced to watch an inane show called “The Glurgles” with him, and things end up going very wrong. Charlie actually flushes a variety of bath toys down the toilet, and the character Bob causes a blackout in their home when he tries to fix the inevitable toilet clog.

Everything is over the top in typical sitcom fashion. However, everything from watching bad kids’ programming to juggling preschool pressures will seem very real for any dads tuning in.

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Dr. Chris Snellgrove

Dr. Chris Snellgrove is an English Professor and veteran freelance writer. However, his most difficult student has always been his own son! He struggled and eventually succeeded with potty training his son, and went on to apply those skills to training his nephews.

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