4 of the Best Potty Training Videos on YouTube

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Growing up, guys had a pretty simple way to learn things: ask your dad! Whether you want to know how to throw a football or ride a bike, dad had the tips and tricks you needed to hear.

Now that we’re all grown up, though, it’s not as easy to ask dad for help. And let’s be honest: he was never super helpful when it came to potty training tips. This is where YouTube comes in.

There is a constant stream of helpful videos on YouTube explaining how to do almost anything. And yes, there are countless potty training videos. In fact, there are so many you might have a difficult time figuring out where to start.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back! We scoured the internet and came up with the four best potty training videos on YouTube.

Potty Training Video 1: Pirate Pete’s Potty

Most of the potty training videos online (and most of the ones on this list) are all about helping parents with potty training by providing examples, methods, and so on. However, this is a special video made for kids to enjoy!

This potty training video is adapted from a well-known book and provides fun animation and calming narration. It’s a video you can show your kid to normalize going to the bathroom and providing some direct advice on learning to use the toilet. And most of all, it’s fun. And anything you can do to make training seem more fun for your kid is a good thing!

Potty Training Video 2: Potty Training Tips for Boys

As guys, we often like to hear advice directly from the top. That’s why we seek out the best authorities to help us with problems. And when it comes to potty training, who do you think knows more than Pampers?

Pampers provides a special potty training video that does exactly what you think it will do. The video is all about tips for helping your son potty train, and Pampers brings in three different families to offer their insights and advice. Ultimately, this video is helpful, funny, and easy to relate to. We guarantee you’ll see yourself in at least one of these parents!

Potty Training Video 3: Fast Potty Training

Some dads don’t just want to potty train their kids. They want to potty train them as quickly as humanly possible! Whether you’re going for some sort of fatherhood speed run or just want to be done with the damn thing, this next potty training video is definitely for you.

This potty training video provides direct tips and tricks from a woman who trained her two-year-old to use the potty in only four days. She offers plenty of disclaimers about how not every kid (or parent, for that matter) is ready for that short of a potty training period, but that her tips are still helpful. And they really are: if you’ve ever found yourself shaking your head in disbelief at those “potty train your kid in just a few days” articles, this is the video that will make that impossible dream an achievable reality.

Potty Training Video 4: Supernanny Helps Dad Potty Train Reluctant Toddler

So, the title of this next one may be a little on the nose, but we’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it applies perfectly to anyone reading this article! In this potty training video, the self-proclaimed “Supernanny” tries to help a dad train a kid who really does NOT want to be potty trained.

If nothing else, this potty training video is worth watching because it reminds you you’re not alone. There are countless other dads out there who are struggling with potty training. And the advice that she offers is quite good: she walks you through making your kid actually excited to use the potty to know when to give your kid some space (which is really tough for those “helicopter parents” out there).

Consider these four potty training videos your crash course. You can watch them all in the span of your lunch break and then go home to potty train your kid in no time at all!

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Dr. Anna Kaplan is a writer and a licensed physician. She completed a 3-year residency and board certification in Family Practice and was in active practice for 15 years. A parent herself, Anna still remembers the "I know how to use the potty" song that her children sang.

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