4 Surprising Ways to Save Money on Potty Training Supplies

using potty training supplies to teach child to use the pottyThere are many reasons that potty training is stressful for dads. While it’s true that the process is messy and stinky, the thing that really hurts is the high cost.

It’s also stressful because the potty training supplies are expensive. These costs add up until it seems like you’re just using your money as toilet paper!

Don’t fret, though. We’ve brought you four solid and surprising ways you can save money on potty training supplies.

1. Skip the Fake Toilet

As guys, we understand that one of the biggest ways to save money is by figuring out what you don’t actually need to buy, just the potty training essentials. Take it from us: it’s okay to skip buying a special little toilet for your kid.

When it comes to those little toilets, lots of kids don’t really use them. And in your “best case” scenario, you’ve made potty training clean-up harder for yourself.

Instead, start training them on the real toilet. If they have trouble climbing up, you can re-use an old stepping stool. Now, you’ve saved money while making cleanup easier!

2. Free Apps

As everyone and their brother will tell you, potty training essentials are schedules and timing. You have to get your kid on a schedule to help the process stick. Fitting, right? You’ve got to make being “regular” actually feel regular.

Some people go out of their way to buy potty training supplies like watches for themselves and their kids. While it’s true that your little one will probably enjoy a shiny new toy, it’s mostly a waste of money.

Your smartphone already has a built-in timer app you can use. And you can download similar apps, including some specially designed for potty training, for far cheaper than those special watches cost.

This saves you money while also saving space. After all, what would you do with a potty training watch when the training was over?

3. Simple Underwear

A rookie move that many dads make when getting potty training supplies is going straight for the character underwear. However, sticking with simple underwear during potty training will save you money while also speeding up the training process.

First, it’s no secret that character underwear costs more money than simple underwear due to various licensing costs. That’s why we think you should use this as a special incentive.

Let your training child see the cool character underwear that is out there and figure out what their favorite is. Then, offer a simple incentive: you will buy them the character underwear they want once they’ve mastered potty training.

This incentive is usually enough to encourage kids to quickly complete their training. And when the smoke clears, you’ve saved a lot of extra money!

4. Skip Paper to Save Paper

Lots of dads end up embracing the power of pull-ups during the potty training process. This can make life easier, but if you’re not careful, it can also get really expensive.

We’ll let you in on a secret: training pants are cheaper than paper pull-ups. This is because they are made of cloth, and you can get more use out of these than having to buy countless boxes of paper pull-ups.

Ultimately, your kid gets the same benefits from these potty training supplies while you get the benefit of a fatter wallet!

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Dr. Chris Snellgrove

Dr. Chris Snellgrove is an English Professor and veteran freelance writer. However, his most difficult student has always been his own son! He struggled and eventually succeeded with potty training his son, and went on to apply those skills to training his nephews.

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