Angie Long

Angie is an experienced freelance writer and mother of two. She has extensive experience working in professional training, including the development and evaluation of training and exam material. She has a background in elementary education. Angie has a 4-year-old who still struggles with potty training, yet her 8-year-old nailed it by two years of age.

Potty Training a Child with Sensory Issues

There are a variety of sensory triggers and developmental aspects that can contribute to potty training difficulty. Parents need to know that they’re not alone. There are tips that parents have been more than happy to share from their own experiences.

Tips for Potty Training a Boy

Boys have a reputation when it comes to potty training. Experts at the University of Michigan Health System say that although boys and girls are both ready to start potty training at the same age (between 24 and 27 months), boys aren’t often fully trained until a couple months after girls (29 months for girls, and 31 months for boys). Remember that this is just an average, however, and reasons aren’t very clear.