Potty Training Methods

There are many methods for potty training success. Find what is right for you and your child.

3 potty training techniques that demonstrate potty training

3 Potty Training Techniques That Demonstrate Potty Training

All the experts agree: one of the best ways to help your kid with potty training is to demonstrate what they have to do. This helps everything seem more natural to your children.

Just one problem: This can be weird for us! Guys don’t even like to be too close to another person at public urinals. The idea of demonstrating good toilet habits to a very young child feels downright strange.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve put together a definitive list of ways that you can demonstrate potty training, all without making it weird for everyone involved.

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Hopping the Potty Train | 3 Day Method

Well.  We did it.  We are officially sending our sweet (tiny) little girls to the big girl potty to do their business. Coming off of Day 3 of the “Three Day Method”, I am one confident momma.  Seriously.  When Jordan and I talked about potty training Parker and Jolie a few months back {HERE} I was self-admittedly in denial of any success we could or would have.  They just seem(ed) so young and not able to actually comprehend what we would be trying to teach them.

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Elimination Communication for Early Potty Training

“Assisted infant toilet training” refers to the way infants are taught to eliminate in many parts of the world. This method is used in China, India, Africa, Central America, and South America, especially in what are called “developing countries.” Not only do many people there not have access to washing machines, they may not even have indoor plumbing. Diapers are not used.

the naked and $75 method: potty training your toddler in just a few days

The Naked and $75 Potty Training Method

What if all it took to potty train your toddler was $75 and 3-5 days of running around the house naked?

According to parenting author and psychologist Dr. John Rosemond, it’s really as simple as that. Rosemond believes that a human should not be allowed to wet himself past the age of 2. He claims that potty training isn’t rocket science and can be done in just a few days.

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Is There a Right Way to Train? 4 Potty Training Techniques to Try with Your Toddler

There is no right or wrong way to potty train. Each child is unique and will respond to different methods in his own way. When deciding how to potty train, think about your child’s individual temperament and motivation levels as well as your own lifestyle and resources.

Below are 4 potty training techniques to try with your toddler:

using elimination communication during baby potty training

Using Elimination Communication During Baby Potty Training

Elimination communication, a method for infant potty training is commonly used in tribal communities, hunter-gatherer cultures, and less industrialized societies.

It is growing in popularity in the United States, as it helps reduce the economic and environmental impact of disposable diapers. The average American child is out of diapers at around 3 years old, where those that use elimination communication are typically out of diapers by 18 months with some “trained” as early as 6 months.

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Azrin and Foxx Method: “Toilet Training in Less Than a Day”

“Toilet Training in Less Than a Day,” by Nathan H. Azrin, PhD and Richard M. Foxx, PhD, hit bookstands in 1974. Forty plus years later, it is still in print, and the method has worked for millions of children.

Azrin and Foxx, like others, noted that forcing children to sit on the potty (toilet) until they finally used it was an ineffective training method.

The method they developed involves teaching the child to toilet (urinate in the potty) through repetition. There is more to it, including lots of praise, as well as verbal disapproval and corrective action when needed.

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Brazelton Toilet Training

The methods for teaching toddlers the skill using the toilet have changed over time. When parents forced training on children during the first half of the twentieth century, failures of that approach led experts to develop alternatives.

Pediatrician Dr. T. Berry Brazelton developed his own child-centered, slower-paced potty training method over years working with children and their parents. In 1962, the medical journal Pediatrics published the successful results of a study he did using this technique with his patients. In 2004, he published “Toilet Training the Brazelton Way.”

The book covers Brazelton’s toilet training in great detail and encourages a child to set the pace, encouraging her to want to use the toilet. This way, she will not get angry and oppositional because her parents are trying to force her.