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Advice on potty training tools and rewards.

potty training apps

5 Potty Training Apps for Kids

Many parents struggle to unplug from their mobile devices long enough to reconnect with the real world and show a little humanity now and then, me included. Although I’m not always the best role model for my kids when it comes to putting my phone down, I’m a firm believer that giving kids too much screen time can adversely affect the way they interact with people in the real world. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under the age of 2 avoid screen time and limit their usage to just a couple hours per day after that. But parenting isn’t easy, and I think it is only natural for parents to turn to help from technology when potty training gets a little too real

potty training rewards

Are Rewards for Potty Training Necessary?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, behaviors are more likely to continue when followed by a positive consequence, like a reward. However, when it comes to potty training, there are opposing opinions, and both sides of the argument have valid points. This is only meant to help with a dilemma. You have to do what you believe will work for your child. Nonetheless, when I started researching whether or not to reward your child when potty training, I started questioning my own methods.

4 best youtube videos to help with potty training

4 of the Best Potty Training Videos on YouTube

Growing up, guys had a pretty simple way to learn things: ask your dad! Whether you want to know how to throw a football or ride a bike, dad had the tips and tricks you needed to hear.

Now that we’re all grown up, though, it’s not as easy to ask dad for help. And let’s be honest: he was never super helpful when it came to potty training tips. This is where YouTube comes in.

There is a constant stream of helpful videos on YouTube explaining how to do almost anything. And yes, there are countless videos meant to help with potty training. In fact, there are so many you might have a difficult time figuring out where to start.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back! We scoured the internet and came up with the four best videos to help you and your kid with potty training.

Potty Training Problems Caused by Your Child’s Diet

There are many things that come to mind when a parent thinks of potty training troubles. Nutrition isn’t usually one of them. But, in reality, your child’s diet may play a much bigger role in potty training than you think. What goes in, must comes out, and certain foods make eliminating much more difficult.

Using Bribery to Improve Potty Training

Like most parents, my wife and I have a complicated relationship with bribes. We want our children to listen to us when we tell them what to do. We are the parents. They are the children. We are in charge. But then there are times when we are tired or worn out, or just need a break from arguing, and we fall into the trap a lot of parents do: if you do what we say, we will give you something you want.

professional toilet trainers: good idea?

Professional Potty Trainers: Good Idea?

In 2008, a professional toilet trainer in Chicago made news by claiming she could train a child in as little as five hours. “TODAY’S” Al Roker confirmed that this professional toilet trainer had trained his child that quickly. Parents were skeptical. Some didn’t believe claims of fast training, and others didn’t think children should be toilet trained by strangers.