Is My Child Ready to Toilet Train?

parents learning that their daughter is ready to potty train

Remember, you’re the parent, you should decide when the time is right. Many parents today ask their children if they are ready to toilet train, and when the child says no, the parents decide they don’t want to upset their little one. Why would they say yes? Diapers are all they have known, it works for them, why change?

Well right now, your child needs a parent, not a friend.

If they are showing signs of being ready to potty train, it’s time to consider potty training. What are those signs? Well, each child is different, but here are a few tip-offs. Do they hide behind the couch or under the table to make? Do they ask to be changed? Do they follow directions? Are they curious about what’s happening when you’re in the bathroom?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, your child may be ready to toilet train. The average age for training is 27 months, but some can be earlier and others later. It all depends on their development. And the good news is, the first child is the hardest. The younger ones catch on quick!

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Marshall Mizrahi

Marshall Mizrahi is as an executive at Handcraft, America’s leading manufacturer of children’s character underwear. Through 20 years of working with consumers, he has learned many tips and tricks to help parents get through this exciting milestone. In the process, he also trained his 2 sons.

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