Potty Chairs vs Toilet Seats

toddler using a toilet and not a potty chair

To clarify, toilet trainer seats are the small seats you put on top of your toilet. Potty Chairs are the ones that can you put anywhere in your house.

I understand the theory behind potty chairs, the child should be able to go anywhere at any time. Less running to the bathroom when they suddenly have an urge.  But think about it, can you do that? I’ve never crapped in the kitchen, why should little Timmy be able to? I know it would be easier to let them sit on the potty chair while watching TV, but this isn’t a realistic goal for the future. Secondly, do you really want to clean out that potty chair once some serious business is done in there? That will be gross!

As you can tell, I’m a fan of the toilet trainer seat. First off, it’s needed so your child doesn’t fall into the bowl. But more importantly, they are learning to make where they will make in the future, the rest of their lives! The message is, this is where pee and poo go. Daddy can’t poop all over the house and neither can you.

(See article ‘Steps to Potty Training: How to Prepare for Potty Training”)

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Marshall Mizrahi

Marshall Mizrahi is as an executive at Handcraft, America’s leading manufacturer of children’s character underwear. Through 20 years of working with consumers, he has learned many tips and tricks to help parents get through this exciting milestone. In the process, he also trained his 2 sons.

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