Best Age to Start Potty Training

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Dee Gavin Staff asked 2 years ago

My son just turned one and we’d love to get him out of diapers as soon as possible! What’s a good age to start potty training?

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Marshall Mizrahi answered 2 years ago

We are big fans of early training at Potty Genius and suggest parents start researching the process when the child is between 12 and 18 months. When comfortable with an approach that best meets your family’s needs, begin.  If you find little evidence of potty training understanding or compliance by the child, don’t worry.  All children are different. Just push potty training back a couple of months. Conversely, if you pick up signs earlier that suggest your child might be ready, e.g., special interest in the bathroom, signaling need to go, etc., you can try to start earlier.  There are no timetables for learning, there’s just learning.  And let’s not forget every teacher is different too. Note: We’ve found some children, given their way, will wait until 36 months or later. For most kids that’s too late. They are stalling.