Benefits of Bare Bottom Potty Training?

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Marianna Gaston Staff asked 2 years ago

A woman in my mother’s group suggested using the Bare Bottom, or Diaper Free, potty training method. It seems messy, however. Is there a benefit to using this approach over others?

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Rita Sharaby Staff answered 2 years ago

Our view is that Bare Bottom potty training is a faster way to success. But it comes with baggage. Yes, there will be messes. Yes, it works best when parents are vigilant. And it works best with patient parents. Some potty training authorities point to Bare Bottom potty training as happening in as little as 3 days. Not everybody is so lucky.  So recognize there are no absolutes, only guidelines. If you know your child and know yourself, the Bare Bottom method can work quickly.  But it’s not for everyone.