Caregivers, Daycare, and Potty training

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Dawn Dina Staff asked 2 years ago

We’re getting ready to start potty training and I’m worried about mixing training methods. My son has multiple caregivers during the week. How do I make sure the babysitters and daycare are using the same potty training process that I plan to? I don’t want my little one getting confused while learning!

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Kathy Katzburg answered 2 years ago

The best way to get other caregivers to train the way you do it is to have a plan, share it and stick to it. If you use rewards, share how the rewards work. If your child reads a special book on the potty (like Happy, the Help-A-Potty-Mess), let the caregiver know. It’s also good to put things in writing before you share. That way there’s no confusion.  If things don’t always go according to plan, that’s okay. But having a shareable plan is always better than winging it. Many daycare centers have their own process.  Be sure to discuss this when you enroll your child.