Elimination Communication: Effective?

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Marianna Gaston Staff asked 2 years ago

Ive heard some parents talking about Elimination Communication. What is Potty Genius’s stance on this and furthermore, how does EC compare to other methods?

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Marshall Mizrahi answered 2 years ago

At Potty Genius, we understand there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to potty training. However, we believe potty training earlier is better than later. Elimination Communication is one method we’ve found effective.  EC can start at a very early age, and when done well, can be a potty training miracle.  Elimination Communication is all about learning a child’s subtle signals that “they have to go.”  Be on the lookout for certain facial expressions, dances or sounds. Upon these cues, put your child on the potty and hold him/her over the potty to eliminate.

Elimination Communication works with many children, even non-walkers, and is a strong learning technique for early training. After all, training early can help parents save hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars in diapers and wipes! Looking for me information on the subject? There are a number of books and online sources dedicated to this method.