Best Location for Potty Training: Bathroom or Playroom?

Community Q&ACategory: LocationBest Location for Potty Training: Bathroom or Playroom?
Dee Gavin Staff asked 2 years ago

My sister says it’s best to start potty training in the bathroom. Is she right, does location matter? If so, will this help my child learn quicker?

1 Answers
Potty Genius Staff answered 2 years ago

Your sister is not wrong. Children who associate the bathroom with peeing and pooping are on the right track, and can have an easier time training. When preparing for potty training, allow your child to become familiar with the bathroom early on. This way, when its time to train, they’ll already have an idea that this is the correct location to go potty.

Some children, however, are not a big fan of the bathroom because it’s not where the action is. If this is the case, he or she may perform better on the potty chair in the playroom.  Start there and work your way up.