Potty Seat vs Potty Chair

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Kathy Katzburg asked 2 years ago

What kind of potty seat do you recommend? There are so many options out there, how do I know which one is right? Is a potty chair better?

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Rita Sharaby Staff answered 2 years ago

This one is up to you, your pocketbook and hopefully your child’s personality. Some kids are social and like to run around naked. If this is the case, having a potty chair that goes anywhere works very well. Some children, however, are more private and may want to stay in the bathroom. If that’s the case, a potty seat (attached to the big toilet seat) may be more ideal. While the eventual goal is to do potty in the bathroom, getting the hang of things in other rooms is fine. Keep in mind, if you train on a potty chair you need to train children separately to use the toilet. Whichever you choose – and you may choose both – make sure it is easy to get to, easy to reach and comfortable to use.