Steps to Potty Training: How to Prepare for Potty Training

toddler learning to potty train on the toilet

Time to start dropping subtle hints and clues as to the big changes coming. Making in their diaper is all they know, it’s not their fault, but eventually, you must take steps to potty training. You need to start building into their psyche that this isn’t going to last forever.

Steps to Potty Training

Potty Training Step #1:  Start letting your little one sit on the toilet. When we were warming the bath, and our son was undressed, we would have him sit there. In the beginning, he didn’t want to, but we told him he just needed to wait there while we filled the tub with water. Once in a while, he would make a small tinkle and we would all celebrate. He got the idea that this was a good thing.

Potty Training Step #2: Changing room. Stop changing your toddler in their room, and especially not on a changing table anymore. It’s time to move things to the bathroom. Start changing them in the room where poop ultimately goes. I know it’s uncomfortable at first, but this sends this message to your little one that the bathroom is the place for potty related events.

Potty Training Step #3: Start emptying their diapers into the toilet. Make sure they see you. Poop belongs in the toilet, time to start showing them. (See article “Potty Chairs vs Toilet Trainer Seats”).

Potty Training Step #4: Lastly, let them flush. If you just emptied their diaper in the toilet, let them make a big deal of saying goodbye to it.

These small steps to potty training let the child know that the bathroom and the toilet are the appropriate places for future bowel movements.

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Marshall Mizrahi

Marshall Mizrahi is as an executive at Handcraft, America’s leading manufacturer of children’s character underwear. Through 20 years of working with consumers, he has learned many tips and tricks to help parents get through this exciting milestone. In the process, he also trained his 2 sons.

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