The Guy’s Guide to Saving Money on Diapers

save money on diapers

Look, we get it: diapers are expensive. If you look at just one package, it may not be that bad, but then you realize you’re staring down the barrel of buying diapers for years. It adds up, with one site estimating that you’ll buy about 4,469 diapers over the course of three years.

That scream you just heard is coming from your wallet as it imagines the cost of thousands upon thousands of diapers. However, with a few thrifty tips, every guy can become a guru of saving money on diapers.

Don’t Switch Sizes Too Soon

Guys are really good at following instructions. Therefore, most men follow the diaper box instructions for the maximum child weight that the diaper can fit.

This is a rookie mistake. Most children can continue wearing the same size of diapers after they are past the recommended weight. As long as the kid is comfy and there aren’t lots of leaks, then you’re fine.

This adds up to saving on diapers in a couple of different ways. First, the bigger the diaper, the fewer you’ll get per box; hanging on to the old size means getting more bang for your buck each time. And if you stockpile diapers by grabbing them whenever there’s a good deal (something we recommend), then your stockpile of the old size won’t go to waste!

The Coupon Combo

Trying to find good sales on diapers is something of a no-brainer. So is using coupons. However, the real saving money on diapers combo is to combine these two ideas!

You can find coupons in a number of ways. This includes traditional methods like newspapers and sales papers, as well as online coupons and app-driven savings codes. Now, all you need is to wait for a good deal on diapers.

Try to see which brands are on sale at particular stores. Don’t worry too much about brand loyalty when buying diapers (more on that in a minute). Just turn this into a numbers game: figure out who has the best price per diaper out of these different stores and then apply the right coupons to drive the diaper savings even further.

Online Savings

Most guys are all about online shopping. Venues like Amazon help bring them everything from the hottest new video games to big screen TVs.

However, online venues provide a great way to save money on diapers, too. And if you buy diapers in bulk, you can often get free shipping, and this can make the entire purchase just as cheap (and often cheaper) than buying diapers at your local store.

Just add diapers to the regular rotation of things you search for on your favorite online shops and watch the diaper savings roll in!

Don’t Stay on Brand

One fun thing about guys: we tend to be very brand loyal. This is true from the cars we drive to the clothes we buy. However, when it comes to buying diapers, we need to drop that loyalty like, well, a loaded diaper.

Whether you shop online or offline, you’ll quickly notice that the shops rotate which brands are on sale any given week. If you wait for your favorite diaper brand to come back in the rotation, then you’re going to be leaving a lot of diaper savings on the table.

And let’s be honest, your kid doesn’t really care about brand loyalty either, despite what all those commercials say. Just focus on combining the best sales and coupons. Your kid (and your wallet) will thank you for it!

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Dr. Chris Snellgrove

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