The Joy of Potty Training Boys!

As a single mom when my youngest son was ready to potty train, I wasn’t prepared for the difference in training his older sisters. Now, years later as I work with parents training children of all shapes, sizes and genders it’s important to stress the difference.

At the very least boys have additional steps in the overall potty training process. Failing to follow these steps in a specific order can lead to little boys peeing on your sister’s shoes at your engagement party (true story).

It’s often advised for dads or another trusted men to allow little boys to follow their example. But what do you do when you’re a single mom?

The first step in potty training is the same for boys and girls. Everyone should start training by sitting down! The “sit-training” part allows for confidence, stability and better aim. Until a little boy can do that step comfortably and consistently, they shouldn’t move on to standing.

In addition, whether they are using the potty or toilet or anywhere else it is important they can comfortably reach the toilet and have good balance wherever they are going.

Once you move on to stand-training it can be helpful to give little boys targets they can see clearly. Cereals that float are often used by parents and there are products that use projected lights and all sorts of fun variations available now.

Often you hear that boys are harder train, that was not my experience, but every child is different. My advice: start to observe the signs at 18 months. Make sure you’re comfortable setting the example for your little man, choose the process you want to use and make it an adventure!

Catherine Cheshire

Catherine Cheshire is a busy working mother of four with over 20 years experience in consumer health products and a massive amount of both research and “hands-on” experience in potty training.

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