The one thing I wish every parent knew before they start potty training.


I often talk about motivation when helping kids (and parents) reach any milestone. What one thing is going to motivate a child to pursue and succeed at the next milestone?  Often that’s the key to any new skill.

When it came to potty training for us that key was Cotton Training Pants. If a child doesn’t feel that they are wet they are not motivated to learn the necessary techniques to avoid that discomfort.  If life is going to stay the same for them and a disposable diaper or training pant is going to pull the moisture away and they are going to feel that same as they always have, what’s the fuss?

When you are ready to focus your energy on potty training and are prepared to be consistent, attentive and highly motivated introduce your child to cotton training pants. These training pants are just “double stuffed” underwear and can continue to be worn until a child grows out of them for those mad dashes to the restroom, long car rides or uncooperative belts or snaps.

Potty training is not be the scariest skill a parent needs to teach their child! Trust me, driving is the scariest thing you will ever teach your child!!

Enjoy the ride!


Catherine Cheshire

Catherine Cheshire is a busy working mother of four with over 20 years experience in consumer health products and a massive amount of both research and “hands-on” experience in potty training.

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