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Potty Genius Blog

Underwear: A Little Help from Their Favorite Characters

big kid underwear

by Angie Long

Angie is an experienced freelance writer and mother of two. She has extensive experience working in professional training, including the development and evaluation of training and exam material. She has a background in elementary education. Angie has a 4-year-old who still struggles with potty training, yet her 8-year-old nailed it by two years of age.

Potty training is a huge milestone for both parents and children, but it can be scary for little ones to make the transition from diapers to a big porcelain chair that makes loud noises. As a parent, you need to be the trusted coach in the potty training game and remember the three P’s: be prepared, patient and persistent. Thankfully there is one thing that can help with all three: character underwear. After all, if Elsa can make towering ice castles and talking snowmen, she’s sure to be able to motivate your child to use a toilet.

1. Be Prepared

When you and your child are ready to start potty training, take a trip to pick out some new big kid underwear. Make it a fun event for just the two of you. Explain that he or she is a big kid now and that you have decided to let them start using the toilet. Pretend it is a privilege you are offering them, and explain that there is one thing they need: special underwear. Letting them choose on their own gives them a little control of the situation. Make them sweat a bit. They’ll be so excited to wear their character underwear that they may even have a tantrum if they can’t. This is where you act like the cooperating bargainer and say that you will let them wear their big kid underwear if they are ready to embark on the potty training journey. Briefly outline the details of what you expect of them. Explain that they may have accidents, and that is okay.

2. Be Patient

The glory of wearing their new character underwear might wear off if you aren’t just as excited as they are. Every time they put on a new pair, make it a big deal. Try new characters if they get bored. Don’t ever lose your temper when they have accidents (and they will). Doing so will only make them more afraid of the process.

3. Be Persistent

There may be days when you feel like you’re just too busy to remind your toddler to use the bathroom every half hour, or when you simply don’t feel like wasting any more wet clothes. You may even think, “What’s the harm in just putting him in a diaper for an hour or two?” Don’t do it! Unless you feel like completely starting over and investing even more time into the cause, reverting to a diaper for even just a minute makes your child think that diapers aren’t gone for good and that maybe they are still an option. Parents need to show their children that their word is golden. If you back down and change your mind, even for a moment, you may confuse your child, which can cause regression. Have faith in that character underwear, and let it do its job. The more your child sits in a wet pair of underwear, the more they will dislike the feeling and remember to use the potty. Remember that some children need more help with potty training than others. Just as their needs are different, so are their interests. That is why it is a good idea to include your child in the process of buying new character underwear and make him or her feel special. By giving children the option to choose, you’re giving them just a little bit of control over the situation and setting them up for success. Malik is flat out Mustapha’s position… It’s the one spot on the floor where I have the most talent and depth to be able to lose. Where each unique in what they are able to do”

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