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Potty Genius Blog



Potty Genius Blog



My first experience with potty training was a few years ago when Stella was just over 2 years old. It was an absolute nightmare and that is putting it nicely. When you look online for potty training help there are a plethora of different tips, tricks, and opinions. I will admit that not everything will work for everyone, and I say that for anything parenthood related. I started pulling ideas from here and there with no real direction. Eventually she was trained, but I always felt like there had to be an easier way and a better resource.

When I was presented with the opportunity to partner with Potty Genius I was ecstatic! Not only did I love the idea of bringing awareness to this company, but also being able to have this resource as I start the journey of potty training my 2.5 year old Camreigh. Potty training your little one is always an exciting time. Being able to save the money from purchasing diapers, plus decreasing that waste and helping the environment. It’s also exciting for me to see how proud my little one is as she accomplishes a goal.

Potty Genius has a ton of FREE resources on their website! There are parent resources, games, and printables. Plus a shop section where you are able to purchase the Potty Training Kit, children’s underwear, and a handy accident change kit [because we all know these happen]!

Last week we set up Camreigh’s potty chair and unboxed then Potty Training Kit for Potty Genius. Inside the kit is:

Potty Training Chart

Reward Stickers


Two Training Pants

Plush Toy

Parent Guide

Camreigh was super excited to set up her chart and see the stickers that she was able to earn. We put on her training pants and hung around the house, asking her quite often if she had to go. Since we’ve started she’s had success and some accidents. I will say she is very motivated to earn stickers and when she sits on her potty she is able to hold the plush hippo that cane in the kit. I really feel that she feels extra special about the experience having the excitement of receiving the Potty Training Kit. I’ve been spending time browsing the Potty Genius Blog for ideas + tips that I haven’t thought of or known before. It’s amazing how helpful hearing someone else’s experience can be.

Now that I’ve successfully potty trained one child and in the process again I’ve compiled some tips of my own.

  1. Make the experience special as you introduce it.
  2. If you can let your child pick their potty or potty seat. My kiddos may be especially picky, but this has helped the second time around!
  3. Puppy pads in the car. I don’t even mention it’s there, but cutting a pad to fit the seat will save you from washing your car seat pad 100x.
  4. Rewards- Camreigh loves the fact that she gets a sticker, and that the chart is displayed to show her “earnings”.
  5. Give yourself grace. Each child is different and will do things on their own time. Don’t be hard on yourself or you kids. Eventually it will all work out!

Blog Post by Niki Spender @nikispender

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