The Naked and $75 Potty Training Method

potty training method

What if all it took to potty train your toddler was $75 and 3-5 days of running around the house naked? According to parenting author and psychologist Dr. John Rosemond, it’s as simple as that. Rosemond believes that a human should not be allowed to wet himself past the age of 2. He claims that potty training isn’t rocket science and can be done in just a few days.

Here’s how his potty training method works:

The child’s parent or caregiver needs to clear their schedule for 3-5 days and spend all said time in the home with the child, focused exclusively on potty training. The parent should have some type of toddler toilet, show it to the child, and keep it in a place that he can easily access it. The child must remain naked during the day for the entire 3-5day period.

Toddlers don’t typically like urine or feces running down their legs, so when they have an accident, they’ll start to cry. Parents will then tell the child “You forgot to use the potty” and take the child to the potty and remind him this is where he should go. Parents shouldn’t make a big stink over the mess; simply address the mistake and show the child where he should go. No punishments or drama, just a little redirection.

Parents should also set a timer every hour and take the child to the potty when it goes off. Even if he doesn’t need to go it’s important to keep going hourly to help establish a potty routine. After a few messy accidents, the child should start to attempt to go to the potty on his own. When the child does this, parents can reinforce the behavior with vocal positivity and encouragement, but rewards aren’t necessary. No stickers or behavior charts are needed, just a simple “Good job son” or “You’re such a big girl” will suffice.

After the 3-5 consecutive days, the child should be trained and having little to no accidents. You’re probably asking, “What about the $75?”. Dr. Rosemond suggests the $75 for carpet cleaning costs once potty training is complete.

But, is it really that simple? Many parents say it is and swear by the effectiveness of the Naked and $75 potty training method. Other experts, however, aren’t quite so sure. Critics point out that this potty training method can be quite messy and probably isn’t ideal for anyone with expensive furniture or carpets. They also suggest that $75 isn’t quite enough money, as the parent needs to buy a toddler potty and may have to spend money cleaning more than just their carpets.

Experts also recognize that there is no guarantee the child will still be potty trained when he’s wearing clothes. Because the child learns this potty training method when he is naked, he may not necessarily recognize the need to go and act on it when he’s wearing underpants.

Ultimately, it is up to the parents to decide which potty training method is best for their child. The Naked and $75 method is a good choice for parents who want to potty train quickly and easily and have 3-5 consecutive days to set aside to potty training.

What are your experiences with potty training? Could the Naked and $75 method work for your family? Comment below and share your experiences with us.

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